An explanation

My name is Simon Clark, and I am a charlatan and a fraud.

For years I have claimed to be a film fan, and it is true that I know a lot about films and how they are made. But over the years gaps have appeared in my watching history – friends would often say “How have you not seen…??” when I confessed my ignorance of a particular classic.

This happened so many times that eventually I sat down to write out a list of films that I really should have watched by now. I ended up with over 200 titles that spanned pretty much every genre.

I had to conclude that I wasn’t a very good film fan.

The point of this blog is to watch one of these films a week and post what might well be the most delayed movie reviews in history. Interspersed between monumental classics that I’ve somehow missed will be more niche films that I have always wanted to watch, either for curiosity value or for their technical prowess. As a filmmaker I’m most interested in cinematography, and so my focus in some posts will be on visual aspects of the film. I’m also very interested in the history of cinema and how productions and technology developed over time, so some reviews will incorporate the story of how those visuals made it to the screen or why they are historically significant.

Essentially this blog is my journey to being a better film fan, and (hopefully) a better filmmaker. While film has been a passion of mine since my mum brought home the Star Wars special edition box set in 1997, it’s only now that I find myself drawn to picking up the camera and creating visions of my own. After 5 years of making YouTube videos I’m determined to make the leap to cinematic storytelling, and hopefully I’ll be posting some of my own work in months to come.

Through this blog I hope to learn to better articulate what I find poetic in cinema, and share the stories behind the stories on screen. And I’d be delighted to have you along for the ride.